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Silverio Coco was born in Castronuño (Valladolid, Spain) in 1960.

He studied Chemistry at the University of Valladolid (UVa) and he obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the same university in1989 working on heterometallic complexes, under the supervision of professors Pablo Espinet and Fernando Mayor. As a MCE/MRT postdoctoral fellow he joined the group of Prof. Pierre Braunstein at the University Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg where he worked for thirteen months (1990-1991) in the study of metallic clusters with functionalized phosphines. He came back to Valladolid as an Assistant Professor in November 1991. In 1996 he was promoted to Associate Professor and later in 2012 to Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Liquid Crystal and New Materials Research Group of the UVa.

His research studies have focused on material chemistry (nanoparticles, liquid crystals, Langmuir films, luminescent materials), mainly with organometallic and coordination metal complexes. Currently his focus is based on the study of mesomorphic systems that combine the mesomorphic behavior with other properties, with the objective of obtaining soft functional materials.